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Property purchase : Advice for foreign buyers

Real Estate & Art de Vivre


- We advise foreign buyers to be accompanied by professionals during the prospecting or acquisition of real estate. 

- We advise them to favor the purchase of well titled. 

First of all, potential purchasers must be invited to give priority tothe purchase of titled property and the owners of untitled property must be encouraged to register theirimmovable property for land retention inorder to enable them to benefit from modern land law. The owner may even, as a precaution, keep the duplicate of the land title, that is to say its exact copy, in order to blockany operation, since onewill not be possible on the land title if it is not at the same time mentioned on the duplicate.   We also recommend that future buyers pay attention to the certificate of ownership, in order to check that there is no mortgage on the property to be acquired or specific charges. Similarly, in the case of prospecting or buying land for the purpose of building a property, we suggest requesting an information note to find out if there are no planned developments in the area where the land is located, such as a road or roundabout or other urban projects.

Request a certificate of ownership

We encourage future buyers to also monitor their property rights by requesting an annual certificate of ownership to ensure that their names are still on the land title, as this avoids any unpleasant surprises. It should be noted that the code of real rights by imposing the authentic form and in particular notarized for the acts likely to be registered on a land title has taken an important step in the direction of security since the draftsman of the deed, if it is a notary, by engaging his responsibility for the content of the deed and by completing the formalities with the land conservation promotes the efficiency of the system.