Dreaming of Marrakech? Make it your reality

  • By Barnes Marrakech
  • 14 Décembre 2022

Our discussion with Mehdi Amar, Associate Director of BARNES Marrakech, inspired an irresistible urge to book a plane ticket to Marrakech.

The Red City has always radiated beauty, but for the last 10 years, this prestigious destination has been emitting a particularly international aura with new trendy places, fashionable boutiques, and restaurants showcasing the flavors of the world.

How’s the real estate market doing in Marrakech?

“The market is dynamic and recovering. It’s suitable for buyers, the most recent of which are highly motivated and come ready to buy. Above all, they are jumping at the opportunity to make their dream of buying a vacation property (or primary residence) a reality, thanks to the city’s high-quality real estate. Prices are stabilized, with many transactions already underway since the beginning of the year: villasapartmentsbuilding land. Potential buyers are attracted to the high quality of life and luxury properties. Prices per m2 can’t even comparable with residences in Saint-TropezCannes and other coveted resorts. For example, the price per m2 for a very high-end apartment is 3,000 euros,” Medhi Amar tells us

Who’s buying? And what are they buying?

“We have investors from all over the world. The understanding and kinship between France and Morocco have always attracted French people in search of fresh air and sunshine. But we also have many Europeans, binational couples, and Moroccans who live abroad. Considering the mild climate and daily flights, tourism has certainly had an effect on Marrakech, making it the most vibrant city in Morocco and a coveted leisure destination. The atmosphere in Marrakech is unique, the people are welcoming, they love to receive and share.”

Mehdi Amar also told us that “buyers in Marrakech are happy to find a nice variety of residences. The most popular properties are apartments in the city, villas with swimming pools outside Marrakech, and building land, but also riads in the Medina, which have been transformed into private residences or guest houses and regular houses in full-service residential complexes.” These residences are maintained to perfection, and the compensation for foreigners who won’t hesitate to hire a chef, housekeeper, and year-round gardener.